S'Quarrels, the Dream Begins and Our Vision...

First, one has to understand the story behind the vision...

Have you ever had a dream that you wish would become a reality? Most of us have a dream of some sort in our lives. Our dreams can be simple or a lifelong endeavor. I wish to share with you one of my dreams…

My dream does not go back fifteen years or even five years ago. I am one who has always been pretty happy with what life has sent my way, good or bad. Sure, there are times (many of them) when I wish things perhaps were different. However, for some reason I have always been able to find happiness in whatever situation I may be.

In October of 2007 I found myself staring out the window watching two squirrels scavenging for nuts under the pine trees that surrounded our home. At that moment I felt inspired; something just clicked! Why not create a game about the simple process of collecting acorns? What an interesting idea! I found myself trying to figure out how I could develop this concept into a game.

Soon thereafter, that day or the next -- I couldn’t tell you for sure, the name "S'Quarrels" came to my mind. Take the word SQUIRREL and QUARREL and there you have it -- S'Quarrels; the name was born. Suddenly I had dreams of boxes of our game showing up in stores across America. I envisioned families and friends getting together to play for the first time, anxiously anticipating the fun they would have with their new game.
Later, I envisioned people gathering for reunions, parties, and outings.

Someone in the group had come across an interesting box in a store. After reading the name “S'Quarrels,” they decided, “Perhaps I should give this a try.” Soon the game would be enjoyed by their family and friends…time and time again.

In my dream, the game started cascading. More people began to play; soon thousands, tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, followed by millions of people playing “S’Quarrels” across North America. Soon “S’Quarrels” could be found in locations all around the globe reaching into places where I would never go. Somehow, my little creation would reach out to people whom I would never personally know or see.

The vision for “S’Quarrels” -- to reach out around the world, bringing a little bit of joy and fun to everyone who plays. At the same time, each person who plays this game is helping to build my dream. That dream which I had while gazing out the window, watching a single squirrel collect his food for the winter.

To all of you, I wish an enjoyable time with whomever you play. May this dream of mine inspire in you a dream of your own.

Bryan R. Lovell
S’Quarrels Card Game Creator

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