December 10th, 2012

Northwest Chain - King Stores Add S'Quarrels

We are pleased to announce that King Discount Stores in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming have added S'Quarrels to their stores this holiday season! We feel this chain will make the game available now to areas in these towns that would have otherwise never had seen our game. Thanks Kings! We are thrilled to have you on board.

November 21st, 2012

Tidepool Toys and Thats Entertainment Add S'Quarrels

We are starting to have a more difficult time keeping up with all the new stores that are adding our game to their shelves. We would like to recognize Tidepool Toys as our FIRST Delaware store to sell S'Quarrels. We would also like to recognize That's Entertainment in Worcester, MA! We will be adding more as time goes along. Thanks to all the stores out there that have added our game to their selection.

Sept 8th, 2012

S'Quarrels in the News on

Another news site recognizes S'Quarrels as one of their top family games! It's a simple spot but we would like to recognize and thank Utahs news station, KSL, and their writers for finding this game and selecting it out of the vast sea of board games and card games. We are thrilled that you like the game, thanks!

Visit the story online at

Dec. 28th, 2011

S'Quarrels Licenses to Lion Rampant Imports...

We would like to announce a big change for S'Quarrels. Over the past two years we have seen continued growth for our game. For a couple people to continue on with the amount of growth we have had has become increasingly difficult. We have been in negotiations for licensing the game and officially anounce that as of January 1st 2012, Lion Rampant Imports will take over distribution of S'Quarrels for all of Cananda and the USA.

We thank you all for the continued excitement and growth you have all contributed to our success of this fun game.

Sept. 28th, 2011

S'Quarrels Demos in Boise Idaho...

We wish to extend a special thank you to All About Games in downtown Boise for giving us the opportunity to play our game with their customers this past Saturday! We had a wonderful reception from everyone who played. Also we wish to make a special mention to Sarah, who hung out and played the game non-stop for practically 3 1/2 hours.

Thanks again to All About Games! They have a great selection and were very friendly and supportive of our game S'Quarrels!

July 16th, 2011

Home Lantern Games Moves to Idaho

With the success of S'Quarrels still moving in large proportions, we are happy to announce our move back to our home state of Idaho. While our location will change, S'Quarrels will continue to grow and expand to new locations across North America. Nampa Idaho is going to be home for the next many years to come.

June 10th, 2011

S'Quarrels Update of Past 2 Months

There has been a lot going on as we continue to expand our product into more stores. There are several stores that have been adding S'Quarrels and we are finding it difficult anymore to keep up online. You will find that almost any store across the USA has access to our game and likely has already placed them in their store. If you would like S'Quarrels, stop by your local store and ask if they have it. If they do not, most stores now can get it. If the do, let us know and we will gladly add them to our store locator.

March 24th, 2011

Creative Mom Toys Selling S'Quarrels

We would like to welcome another store to the list of locations to get S'Quarrels. Special thanks to Creative Mom Toys in Renton for placing our game on their store shelves.

March 24th, 2011

Chapters-Indigo Selling S'Quarrels

Canada! We are pleased to announce that Chapters Indigo has taken S'Quarrels into their stores! If you didn't have a store close by before, you do now! We wish to send a special thanks to Chapters for being one of the first large chain stores to put our game on your shelves.

We have been saying it would happen for a year now and now it is true -- Canada, S'Quarrels is now in a store near you.

- Home Lantern Games

January 25th, 2011

Another Review and a Great Year Ahead!

We have followed up now with approximately 60 stores that sold our game through this past season. We are happy to report that every single one of the stores we talked with have said sales and feedback have been outstanding.

Unfortunately, amongst all the good news we have received a report of our first negative review. We knew that at some point, someone was bound to dislike the game eventually.

With opinions that seem to surface, good and bad, we consistently find that most everyone who plays S'Quarrels, love S'Quarrels. As we prepare for upcoming conventions and demo's we hope to visit many new places around the country in 2011.

- Home Lantern Games

January 19th, 2011

S'Quarrels has an Amazing Holiday

Thanks to all our distributors and the stores that have our game, we had a phenomenal result to our 2010 Holiday season. Every store we spoke with sold out of their inventory in most cases multiple times! While we can't follow up with every store, we know the trend is likely the same everywhere the game was placed.

In 2011 we will be expanding S'Quarrels into at least 4 times the locations. We have over 250 stores right now, that would mean we plan to be in over 1000 stores nationwide by later this year. Again thanks to everyone who has played! If you have yet to play S'Quarrels, let us know and we will do all we can to get into a store near you.

- Home Lantern Games

November 15th, 2010

S'Quarrels Distributes with ACD

Within the first year of S'Quarrels we had been able to distribute with several well known and large distributors across the USA. We wish to announce that Home Lantern Games has now established distribution with ACD Distributors. More stores across america can now order S'Quarrels.

Thanks ACD for taking on S'Quarrels.

- Home Lantern Games

October 25th, 2010

S'Quarrels Adds Multiple Stores...

Over the past couple weeks, S'Quarrels has added several more stores across the nation. Here is a list of those stores. Be sure to stop in and support them. We are excited to have each one selling our game!

Liftbridge Bookstore - Brockport, NY.
Locust Valley Chemist - Locust, NY.
Thinking Toys - Portland, OR.
Myriad Games - Manchester, NH
Myriad Games -
Salem, NH.
Curious Kidstuff - West Seattle, WA.
The Toy Room - Bethel, CT.
War Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake Store - Rogers, AR

A special thanks to each of them for selling S'Quarrels.

- Home Lantern Games

October 5th, 2010

S'Quarrels in 26 States...

We continue to get S'Quarrels into more locations. Today we filled our first order for a location in Arkansas. Special thanks to War Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake! This now puts our game in over half the states in the USA! While our primary expansion is still directly contacting stores, we are finding that stores are now requesting S'Quarrels. This is a good sign as it represents S'Quarrels exposure to the industry is growing.

Another milestone is that a majority of the stores selling S'Quarrels are outside of Washington state. If there is not a store selling our game near you, there will be soon! We are thrilled to have S'Quarrels in so many stores already and look forward to having more soon.

- Home Lantern Games

September 15th, 2010

S'Quarrels Coming to Chicago!

Are you ready to be S'Quarreled? S'Quarrels will be attending the 2010 Chicago Toy and Game Fair! Come see us at the fair, play the game, and get a free prize! The creator will be there also, be sure to stop in and say hello! Hope to see you soon!


- Home Lantern Games

September 3rd, 2010

S'Quarrels at Seattle's PAX!

We have had a great opportunity to play our game today with so many people. It is great to get the feedback from everyone that S'Quarrels is simple and fun to play.

What was probably the most welcome surprise was the number of people who came up to us that had ALREADY played our game. Almost all of which were in love with it and were so excited to see us at the Convention.

As promised, I told a new player I would post his picture on the web. We played several games and he and his friends had a lot of fun playing. Thanks for all the good laughs you guys. It was lots of fun!.

We are playing on the second floor again on Saturday. If you can't find us, ask one of the people there in the Cardhaus store. They know exactly where we are at. (Near the escalators on the second floor).

- Home Lantern Games

August 30th, 2010

S'Quarrels All Over Maine!

We continue to get S'Quarrels into more locations. Today, we would like to thank The Grasshopper Store for being our first store in Maine to carry our game. We anticipate a couple more locations to open up soon as well.

- Home Lantern Games

July 20th, 2010

S'Quarrels Growth Goes International

We have continued to see new growth for our game across the United States and Canada. recently however, we have learned of two locations in Hong Kong. We would like to thank Jolly Thinkers for placing S'Quarrels in their two stores.

We are also aware of a possible store somewhere in Denmark though at this time we have yet to find out which store it is. If anyone comes across the store name, let us know and we will be certain to add them to our location list.

The reason for Home Lantern Games not having a list of every store is because of distributor regulations that prevent the distributor from releasing such information. Most stores that sell games are able to order S'Quarrels from their distribution channels.

Last, we have now created a United States, Canada, and International section to our where to buy list. If you know of another store that has our game, be certain to let us know..

- Home Lantern Games

June 21st, 2010

S'Quarrels Receives Another Positive Review!

It recently came to our attention that another store gives S'Quarrels a very positive review. Howling Fun Games of Utah ranked the game an 8 out of 10!

Be sure to check out their full review here.

The best part is this is not a rare result either. Several other companies continue to express customers return to purchase another deck for a gift of a friend or family member once they have played.

People love playing the part of a squirrel!

- Home Lantern Games

June 6th, 2010

Reigning Imagination Toys - Mill Creek WA...

Again we are pleased to announce a NEW toy store that quickly picked up S'Quarrels. Reigning Imagination Toys in Mill Creek Town Center placed our game on their shelf almost immediately upon our visiting their new location. We are excited yet again to have ANOTHER store in the area that is excited to sell our game.

We always had a small void in the Mill Creek Area but not anymore! This gives our Mill Creek friends and customers an easy location to purchase S'Quarrels.

If you have not visited Reigning Imagination Toys, you really need to stop in. Tons of toys, games, and great customer service. Thank you Reigning Imagination Toys!

- Home Lantern Games

May 20th, 2010

Logan Utah, Magical Moon Toys...

Again we are pleased to announce ANOTHER store that will be selling S'Quarrels. This store is located in Logan Utah. We wish to extend a thanks to Magical Moon Toys for taking our game into their store.

This marks the first store in the area that will carry our game. All you Logan area friends, now you have a store locally that will be selling S'Quarrels.

- Home Lantern Games

May 19th, 2010

Docking Bay 93 & A Novel Adventure...

We have verified a new report of two new stores that are now selling S'Quarrels!

Up in Mount Vernon, we get our first store in the area. We had the opportunity to sit down and play our game with Docking Bay 93. The owner commented that the game seemed to be the kind of game they like to carry in their store.

Another store in Boise Idaho has also added our game to their shelf. A Novel Adventure took a demo game from us a few weeks back and after playing and reviewing our game, committed to it as well.

Special thanks to both these stores! We are excited to have the added exposure and the opportunity to be seen in more areas all the time.

- Home Lantern Games

April 17th, 2010

New Store Locations for S'Quarrels...

These past couple days we made several stops in stores in Southern Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Eastern Washington. Some of our stops were with stores that were already selling our game. We took the time to formally introduce ourselves and get to know the people in those stores.

We left a trail of demo decks along our route. Gratefully, in almost every instance, the stores expressed a lot of interest. Several of the stores committed to placing an order with one of our distributors while a couple picked up the game right away.

We want to thank The Hobby Habit in La Grande, OR for picking up our game and placing it on their shelves. They are our first EASTERN Oregon store. We also wish to thank Crowley's in the Twin Falls Mall for continuing to carry our card game!

- Home Lantern Games

March 30th, 2010

S'Quarrels to Enter into Canadian Market...

Today, Home Lantern Games partnered with Lion Rampant Distribution to distribute S'Quarrels into the Canadian market. We are thrilled at the opportunity that this provides us to expand across our northern border!

S'Quarrels continues to grow in the USA market as well. We have found our way into nearly 20 states. With the help of GTS Distribution and Alliance Distribution we hope to reach on average, five stores in every state by then end of June 2010. By the end of the year we hope to double that number to ten per state.

Our largest gap is still the central plain states from the Dakotas all the way down through Oklahoma. We also have some large gaps on the East Coast but continue to fill those in as time goes forward.

In almost every situation, when a store places our game on their shelves it sells. We also know, when people play S'Quarrels, they also buy S'Quarrels. We are looking for that same growing trend through 2010.

A special thanks to all our distributors and the stores that give our game the opportunity to prove itself,

- Home Lantern Games

March 9th, 2010

The Board Game Family S'Quarrels Review...

The Board Game Family was one of the many companies that visited our booth during SaltCON. When they offered to give a video review of our game we just had to send a copy with them for a review. One never knows for sure what kind of review you will receive. Happily we can say "What a great review it received!"

I love the fact that their family wanted to play it again and again! Watch the video here...


Thanks to The Board Game Family for their feedback. This continues to be what we hear from so many other players. Be sure to check out the rest of the review at:

- Home Lantern Games

March 1st, 2010

S'Quarrels Goes to SaltCON!

This past weekend we took the opportunity to participate in a smaller regional convention called SaltCON in Salt Lake City. What a wonderful opportunity it was! We were able to play S'Quarrels constantly with new faces. Probably played over 40 times, and that is just what I played. There were constantly people playing the game off at another table. Most the people who attended the event were very excited about the game. I ended up getting a little hoarse from shouting each time the announcer said "S'Quarrels". I suppose some people probably thought we were a little "NUTS". What a great event. If you missed it this year be sure to come next year.

We continually heard people giving S'Quarrels wonderful reviews. Home Lantern Games picked up a couple new stores in the area that really believed we had created something amazing.

One of the stores that picked up the game was Game Night Games in South Salt Lake City. We also contacted Hammond Toys and discovered they added a new store in Provo Town Center, the first store in the Provo area to carry S'Quarrels! Another location that we added to the ranks is up in Roy, UT! There are others that we hope, after their review period, they will also soon join the ranks.

While we were in town we were able to finally meet the owner of Howling Fun Games. We later took some time to visit Hastur Games, their report was great! They continue to demo the game and have success. Thanks Hastur Games! Though we didn't get the chance to visit, we would also like to notice EPIC Games in West Valley for their continued success. There are so many in Utah now that I hope we didn't miss anyone. We are REALLY so grateful for each of the stores that help us find success. Thanks!

We are THRILLED to have all these new locations on board! Make sure to check the Where to Buy section for a list of all the stores that are selling our game!

- Home Lantern Games

February 10th, 2010

S'Quarrels Gains More Recognition...

Just today, posted a new article about S'Quarrels. "We continue to add more stores all the time now." designer Bryan Lovell said "We are just thrilled with the response and recognition that our game is receiving in such a short amount of time!"

Stores on the east coast are just starting to discover the game. We hope that S'Quarrels will be on a store shelf in your neighborhood soon.

It is important to note that not all stores are listed on our site as it is left up to the store to notify us of when they sell our game. If you happen to find a store in your area that is selling our game, let us know! We will be sure to add them to our list.

- Home Lantern Games

February 4th, 2010

Alliance to Distribute S'Quarrels...

Over the past several weeks Home Lantern Games (HLG) and Alliance Game Distribution (AGD) have successfully negotiated a contract to distribute S'Quarrels to a much larger market place.

Today we received notice that the first package of S'Quarrels has arrived at one of AGD's warehouses with the other three locations soon to receive shipment as well. "We are excited for the opportunity to work with Alliance in distributing our game." Bryan Lovell said, designer of S'Quarrels. "The challenge that we faced was getting our product to more stores. This new arrangement with Alliance will allow hobby stores – and players – across the US and elsewhere to finally discover the fun that others have already begun to enjoy."

Working with AGD will greatly enhance the exposure to the gaming industry. Our next challenge will be to make sure the consumer is made aware of this new exciting game..

- Home Lantern Games

January 15th, 2010

S'Quarrels Order Arrives...

We have great news! Finally after several weeks of waiting and being out of stock, our new order has arrived. We were back ordered quite a few but have already gotten out to as many stores as we could to replenish the supply.

One store recently sent us a note stating "We are so glad you introduced S'Quarrels to us. It has caught on like wild fire! We wish you continued success."

Online we have received several compliments one of the recent ones was "Your card game was a hit over the holidays! We played it for hours!"

So many people have enjoyed the game! If you happen to have the game and need clarification of the rules, contact us we will GLADLY answer any questions you may have.

We hope you all enjoy the game! Give us your feedback also on our facebook fan page.

- Home Lantern Games

January 9th, 2010

More Stores Selling S'Quarrels...

The success of S'Quarrels continues to grow even after the holiday. We have been meet with a lull after the holiday due to the sell out of the game. After talking with our distributors we have been able to add more stores that are now carrying the game. We should be receiving our next shipment any day now. Currently we are already back ordered over 200 decks!

If you still have not been able to get a copy of the game, there are a few locations that have reported still having some decks.

What a wonderful experience this has been! We are thrilled with the feedback and success of S'Quarrels!

- Home Lantern Games

January 2nd, 2010

S'Quarrels Tree Sprout...

First off, Happy New Year everyone! We discovered today a great new years surprise. Back on November 2nd, the official release date of S'Quarrels, we planted 3 acorns. Locally they are hard to come by. One of our good friends here has a brother who lives in Tennessee who sent us several dozen acorns. Apparently they have an abundance of oak trees.

Today our first acorn sprouted and broke through the soil! When planting the acorns we really didn't know if we would have any grow or not. Our hope was that we could have at least one grow. Now we will continue to nurture the new tree to see it hopefully grow into something amazing in the years to come.

Now we hope for continued success of both the S'Quarrels Card Game and the strong and lasting growth of this newly sprouted oak tree.

- Home Lantern Games

December 21st, 2009

S'Quarrels Flying off the Shelf!

Since the Radio spot that Izilla Toys and Top Ten Toys gave on the 17th, S'Quarrels has been flying off store shelves everywhere. One store had received 27 decks one day just to call back the next day saying they were already out.

Another store called in and ordered on Wednesday just to call back on Friday needing more. Due to the amount of requests, additional stores in the area that had not yet stocked the game were quickly picking it up to get in their various locations.

The surge of demand has been wonderful. While we are sad that our first order has officially sold out we are also gratefully we already have more decks on the way.

If you are still looking for the game, call around to the various stores. We know as of today you can still find the game.

- Home Lantern Games

December 16th, 2009

S'Quarrels to be on NPR 94.9 Radio in Seattle...

Izilla Toys and Top Ten Toys will be on 94.9FM Radio tomorrow Thursday December 17th, 2009 at 10:00AM PST. I was notified that S'Quarrels is one of the top games that they are hoping to talk about during the show. They did inform us there was no guarantee but they would do their best to get it on the radio.

Because of the news, (as well as because I really needed to anyway) today I pushed the game in the southern Puget Sound Areas working to get a couple more stores to carry our game. Gratefully we had Success. We added Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacey, Top Ten Toys in North Seattle, and Golden West Games in Tacoma. Again thanks to each store that is helping our game become a GREAT success!

Be sure to tune into the radio tomorrow. We are THRILLED about the hopeful opportunity to have a spot on the radio.

- Home Lantern Games

December 12th, 2009

S'Quarrels Expands to New Territory...

With all the fuss starting here locally it is not a big surprise that other locations have started to take notice. With the help of a couple distributors S'Quarrels has now found its way into a total of 7 states! All this in less than two months! If you live in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, or Washington there is a store close by with more stores to follow soon.

Ask your favorite store if they have the game. If you find that you are not close enough to a store, send us an email of your favorite store and I personally will give them a call. So if you want the game now feel free to order from any of our other online stores.

Thanks to each store for the continued success of the game. We are so excited and all I can say is YAY for S'Quarrels!

- Home Lantern Games

December 7th, 2009

Funds Raised for Schools...

Over the past few weeks Home Lantern Games (HLG) has been working closely in establishing fundraiser's that would help raise money for schools. While HLG makes next to nothing from these fundraiser's, it has been immensely successful in helping provide good exposure. We plan to continue other fundraiser's with other schools as the opportunity presents itself.

We have found, at the same time, the feedback from the students, has been overwhelmingly positive. On several occasions the students have commented that they have never played such a fun game. Even in some cases followed by comments that the game is more fun than many big name games in our market. Without fail, students want a copy of the game to take home and teach to their families and friends. There is no doubt that S'Quarrels is a hit with people of all ages.

Special thanks to the schools for taking on the fundraiser. We hope the funds your schools have raised will further benefit the education of your students.

- Home Lantern Games

November 27th, 2009

Remarkable Feedback from Stores and Customers...

Over the past 6+ weeks that we have been actively marketing S'Quarrels, we have only seen positive results from stores who have taken on the game. Almost every single store that has placed S'Quarrels on their shelves has needed to place a second order. In a few cases, they have ordered a third time already.

One store commented the other day: "Every time we have an order [from a customer] it seems to be for 2-4 copies." Another store calling in a second order earlier this week stated: "We have a problem...we are already sold out and need more games!" The feedback stores are receiving is remarkable. Customers are having a lot of fun playing the game. Just last week one player commented: "We're trying to wear out one of our decks. Great game!"

This week we picked up a new distributor who will help distribute our game to additional customers. In the hour it took me to run and pick up a case of 54 decks, they had already sold 12. Uncles Games in Redmond placed an order this week as well; though call before you go...not sure what day it will actually be in their store yet.

In the 6 weeks we have been marketing the game, we have nearly sold out of our original order of S'Quarrels. With a school fundraiser next week, a new shipment was needed and is now on its way. S'Quarrels has had a good start in such a short amount of time.

- Home Lantern Games

November 14th, 2009

S'Quarrels Has a Strong Beginning in Utah...

Our short trip to Utah ends up being a huge success! We were able to visit with several of the game and toy stores in Salt Lake City and Provo areas. Several of the stores placed orders while we were there, and many others are seriously considering placing orders in the next week.

The feedback we received overall was overwhelmingly positive. I was able to sit down with several owners, managers, and employees to demo the game. Everyone we sat down with stated, in one form or another, that they saw the game working very well in the area and within their stores. With only 36 decks brought with us to demo and distribute, we had sold out within the first 24 hours of our trip. Many other orders would have to be filled once back in Seattle.

I was able to visit with two different types of distributors as well: one distributes into a specialty market and the other ships to game stores around the region. Again in both cases, the distributors were willing to take S'Quarrels to their different markets. We know the game will do very well and look forward to S'Quarrels growing over the upcoming months.

- Home Lantern Games

November 12th, 2009

Game Officially Expands into Utah...

S'Quarrels has been successfully selling a good portion of our original decks to customers living in Utah. In our efforts to better supply those customers, we have been able to add a new store that will be selling our game. We would like to thank and welcome Hastur Games and Comics in Midvale for being our FIRST store in Utah to officially carry S'Quarrels!

This makes for two new stores so far this week! Watch for additional stores to be joining up soon.

Bryan Lovell
Card Game Designer

November 10th, 2009

More Reports of S'Quarrels Fun...

First off, we would like to thank Fairhaven Toy Garden in Bellingham for joining the stores that sell S'Quarrels! This brings our official total up to eight. Still have a couple more stores that are working to carry our game on the Eastside of Seattle.

Two appointments, possibly three, established with distributors later this week. What news will we have to report after that? Who knows, but I hope it is good news.

Someone was talking with their family the other night when one of their younger children stated how they wished the game was in stores. (He wants to play more.) This individual didn't know it had been officially released yet. (It is important to note that the family has been able to demo the game in the past.)

In a nearby school, a copy of the game has been donated to allow kids to play indoors on rainy days. The principal reported that the kids who play are having a really good time, and now even the principal has learned to play. I keep wanting to stop over for a lunch break and see just how much fun they are all having. Perhaps next week sometime!

Well, that's the S'Quarrels update for now for the next wave of reports.

- Home Lantern Games

November 5th, 2009

S'Quarrels Continues to Expand

In the past 3 days S'Quarrels has received requests from three more locations, which will soon be announced, including a coffee shop in Everett. The excitement continues to grow for S'Quarrels as well. Just today, two of the stores who have only had our product for a week or so, have placed SECOND orders. One store said they sold out of all their decks over just a few days.

What is even more exciting is the feedback coming in from some of the customers. They simply LOVE IT! On one occasion they returned to order additional decks for gifts for the holiday! Just recently we were informed about a player who has become addicted to the game. All she keeps asking to do is to play some more when they get together.

We are so excited for the momentum we are starting to see. Keep watching for more news. We may even end up going to the Chicago Toy and Game Convention in two weeks. Check back to follow up on our news.

Bryan Lovell
Card Game Designer


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